Posted on Mar 22, 2020


Football Challenges For Children

With schools closed and little or no chance to play any football it's time to be a little creative when it comes to keeping active and ensuring you keep up your football practice.

Below are some ideas which can be done at home, in the garden or in the park.

1. 30 Second Challenges
Each day challenge yourself and see how many kick ups you can do in 30 seconds. Record it, share with us and your friends and try to improve each day. As an alternative try using just your knee or head to keep the ball up in the air.

If you don't have a football, use a tennis ball or balloon.

2. Mini Obstacle Course
If you don't have cones use anything which requires you to dribble around, through and in between enabling you to practice running with the ball, your dribbling skills and close control.

3. Wall Rebound
Use a wall inside or out and practice your passing, touch and control by allowing the ball to rebound off the wall back to you. If your goalkeeper, through the ball against the wall and catch.

Have a go today and let us know how you get on by sharing your video or emailing

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